Blade Runner 2049 gets R-rating & Polaroid snags a PG-13

Something I like to keep a close eye on when it comes to my horror/genre flicks is the movie's MPPA rating. Duh, but still. In a day and age when most quality fright flicks are hitting streaming and/or VOD unrated, the old ways of the MPAA might be falling away more and more.

But not yet.

Until then I'll stay curious as hell about what films receive what rating and for what reasons. Case in point, today we learned the upcoming sequel to Ridley Scott's classic BLADE RUNNER - aka BLADE RUNNER 2049 - has earned an R-rating for "violence, some sexuality, nudity, and language."


Moving on we also got word that the new (recently delayed) Dimension teen horror movie POLAROID has, indeed, been granted the kid-friendly-ish rating of PG-13 for "violence/terror, thematic elements, brief strong language, some teen drinking and drug material."

That'll work.

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Source: MPAA



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