Blair Witch's Eduardo Sanchez teams with Blumhouse for Sevenfold

Seventeen years ago, Eduardo Sanchez and his co-director Daniel Myrick rocked the cinematic world with their low budget ($60,000) feature THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, which earned nearly $250 million at the global box office and convinced a lot of people that it was a true story. In the years since, Sanchez has continued to work in the genre, making such films as ALTERED, LOVELY MOLLY, and EXISTS, contributing to the anthology V/H/S/2, and directing episodes of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

For his latest horror project, Sanchez is teaming with one of the most successful production companies working in the genre today, Blumhouse Productions, the folks behind the likes of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS, and SINISTER.

Together, Sanchez and Blumhouse are developing a micro-budgeted feature that is currently shrouded in secrecy. All we know about it is the title: SEVENFOLD.

Sanchez will be directing, with Mark Ordesky, Jane Fleming, and Gregg Hale producing.

Could SEVENFOLD possibly come close to replicating the success of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT? It's not completely outside the realm of possibility - James Wan's THE CONJURING did surpass $300 million a few years ago, after all. We'll have to wait and see how it goes, and I'm looking forward to finding out exactly what this movie will be about.

BLAIR WITCH's Heather Donahue

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Source: Deadline



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