The Bleeding Joystick (May 17, 2012)

Book of Memories Temporarily Shelved

If you were one of the folks who was really looking forward to getting your Silent Hill on while playing your Playstation Vita (good on you for sticking with it, it's a beautiful system), you're unfortunately going to have to wait a bit longer than expected.

The game. subtitled Book of Memories, was first announced as being released in March, but ended up getting delayed. IGN recently contacted Konami after hearing the wait may be even longer, and Konami offered up solely that they ware targeting an October date, but haven't set a specific day yet.

Too bad, really..always disappointing when an anticipated game gets delayed. On the bright side though, at least it comes out during the same month as Halloween!

Lara Denies us Again

Speaking of more unfortunate delays, those of you who love the virtual heroism of Lara "is there a nude code" Croft are going to have to deal with a wait too. Head developer Crystal Dynamics recently announced that they want to take extra time to make sure the game's the best it can be.

Unfortunately, this means that the game is movie from Fall of 2012 to first quarter of 2013. Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher claims that they're currently aiming to "put the finishing touches into the game and polish it to a level that you deserve.”

He promises the game'll be worth the wait, but only time will tell. In the meantime though, if you haven't played it already you should certainly pick up Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light..it's a great co-op title!

Red Faction II Rated

In not-so-shocking news, the ESRB (boo) has rated the upcoming re-release of Red Faction 2 M for Mature. Most importantly, this newsbit serves to tell you that Red Faction 2 is coming to the Playstation Network.

It's all about a rebellion on Mars, and you play as one of six super soldiers who have to take down the evil government using nano-tech powers. I highly recommend it, check it out when it finally lands, it's worth the coin.

The first game was released as a downloadable title awhile ago, and the new one is on its way, and this is a great thing. I really loved that game. It's an awesome first person shooter that was way more impressive than the first game in almost every way.

Resident Evil 6 Expected to Perform Big

In my last column, I mentioned how you could lay down some hard earned dough to get a copy of Leon's jacket as a part of the Platinum edition of Resident Evil 6. It would appear as though this isn't an insane notion, this supreme collector edition as Capcom recently unveiled that they're expecting the new survival horror game to sell over 7 million copies.

Yeah kids, that'd make it the top seller in Capcom's history, even higher than the original Street Fighter II for SNES (sold a bit over 6 million). This is a super exciting thought, and hopefully the game will live up to the hype. Of course, this is the expectation they've set, not necessarily reality..but one thing's for sure, I think we're all really waiting for something to unseat RE4 as the best game in the series. Time will tell!

Dishonored to Take You Out in October

In more exciting news, upcoming Bethesda title Dishonored was just given a release date of October 9 (in North America, Aussies get it on October 11 and Europe will see it on October 12).

I'm always up for a game that allows the player to be an assassin, and that's exactly what Dishonored promises. You play framed assassin Corvo, who gains supernatural powers along the way to try and stop the people who surround the Empress who framed you.

From what I've read, this is an open-ended game that lets you decide how brutal you want to be. You can play it cool with stealth, shoot them in the face and decorate the walls, or maybe toss them off a high building. The game works on a "chaos system" instead of dealing with your moral choices, which makes things more subtle in terms of which characters appear later in the game rather than trying to get you to be "good" or "evil". I loves me some shades of ambigious morality!

Keep your eyes peeled for more horror game news at it comes in!



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