Bloody Lake's Hardcore

We've seen the cross over of horror and porn before (like last year's

Directed by C.L. Gregory and starring CJ Summers, Tyler Houston, India Summer, and Dan Holmes, the flick goes a bit like this:

The picture centers around a group of friends who decide to spend a long weekend in the woods. While there, they accidentally summon the spirit of a ghoulish religious zealot known as Preacher Jacob from the nearby lake. Seems that Preacher is responsible for the mass-suicide/murder of his followers in the 1890s - and is now hoping to add a few more bodies to his list.

I hate spending weekends in the woods, and accidently summoning dead mass murderers! Wow, the flick sounds great- and since it's a throwback to the classic 1970s shock flicks, there should be no lack of gore either!

Now the DVD isn't set to stores until Spring 2006 (in a XXX & rated version no less!), and they're already in pre-production for THE FOUNDATION: BLOOD LAKE 2- now there's some positive thinking!

So if you like your porn and your horror all wrapped into one tasty morsel, then no doubt Midnite Films' BLOOD LAKE will be your bag! Look for it this Spring on DVD, and stick around, as new stills form the flick will be released soon.
Source: AITH



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