Bluegrass Films options film rights to The Order, a superntaural graphic novel

Sure to be better than the shitbag Heath Ledger film of the same name, Bluegrass Films has just optioned rights to supernatural graphic novel THE ORDER. Word is Brian Nathanson will take a crack at adapting the script from the Arcana/Benderspink comic. Scott Stuber of Bluegrass is producing along with a whole host of mofos you'll never remember the names of. Trust me.

The Order is a group of young men collared by the Vatican to join an elite team that travels the globe battling mysterious evil forces.

Plenty of wiggle room there, especially given the whole Vatican angle. No director has yet been attached, but I'm sure whoever is assigned will make all the difference in the world. Adapting a graphic novel is always a tough proposition, particularly getting the tone right. Let's hope whoever gets the gig is actually familiar with and a fan of the comic, not simply a gun for hire. Pie in the sky?

More on THE ORDER when it comes...

Extra Tidbit: You read THE ORDER? Any good?
Source: Deadline



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