Blumhouse developing found footage crime series 8 Years Lost for USA

Blumhouse's low budget model has birthed a lot of found footage films, some great, some that we wouldn't mind getting tangled in the VCR. After making a name with the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series, they went on to produce films like THE GALLOWS, THE BAY, and CREEP.

Well, now they're bringing that well-developed aesthetic to television through the USA network. Currently in development is a show called 8 Years Lost, a murder mystery crime drama that aims to mimic the realism of an actual crime documentary:

8 Years Lost tells the haunting story of Jayna Beckner, a teenage girl who went missing in 2007 and whose body is discovered eight years later. When we learn these remains were just a few weeks old the mystery deepens– Where has Jayna been all this time? And why was she killed now?

The series will be written by husband and wife pair Lauren MacKenzie & Andrew Gettens (Elementary). More on this story as it pretends to break!

Lauren MacKenzie & Andrew Gettens
Extra Tidbit: What was the last good found footage film you saw?
Source: Deadline



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