Blumhouse enters deal with Showbox to produce Korean-language genre films

Jason Blum is one of the biggest names in horror today, his company Blumhouse Productions having given us such films as the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS, THE PURGE, and SINISTER franchises. The company, which has a first-look deal with Universal, is so big that the film industries of countries around the globe are seeking them out to produce genre films for them, too.

Blumhouse and Ivanhoe Pictures have now made a co-production partnership agreement with South Korea's Showbox Corp. to develop and produce six Korean-language horror films over the next five years. Ivanhoe will handle financing, while Showbox will manage the production and handle distribution and marketing in Korea.

Showbox CEO Jeong-Hun You said this about the deal:

“I hope this will become an opportunity to revive the Korean thriller/horror film market and for capable Korean producers, writers and directors to advance into Hollywood, reaching a global audience.”

Last year, Blumhouse and Ivanhoe also began working with the production company Phantom to produce ten films in India over the course of five years.

I try to catch pretty much anything that Blumhouse puts out, although they make so much that it's easy to fall behind in that endeavor. I'm looking forward to seeing the films that will come out of their deals with the companies in Korea and India, this should be quite interesting.

Images from Showbox's 2006 film THE HOST

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Source: Variety



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