Bob Odenkirk is the devil in stop-motion horror-comedy Hell & Back

Funnyman Bob Odenkirk (above) is set to join a bunch or likeminded sinners in HELL & BACK, the R-rated stop-motion horror-comedy from ShadowMachine. In fact, he'll preside over the smoldering underworld!

The lovely Mila Kunis (below) is also lending her excellent set of lungs, doing so alongside Nick Swardson, TJ Miller, Rob Riggle Brian Posehn, Kumail Nanjiani and Maria Bamford.

As you may know, the story revolves around two best friends who must rescue their buddy when he's accidentally dragged to hell. As alluded to, Odenkirk will play the Devil, who’s been running Hell since before time began, and it’s starting to get on his nerves.

I'm not sure, did Odenkirk ever do a devil skit on "Mr. Show"? Anyway, dude's been arcing on "Breaking Bad" and has two films yet to come out as an actor. He's also in post on MOVIE 43, a compilation of shorts, one of which he directed.

Expect to go to HELL & BACK sometime in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: You have a favorite Odenkir character he's played in the past?
Source: Deadline



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