Brad Anderson replaces Joel Schumacher in serial killer flick The Hive

I wouldn't say he's one of my favorite directors but I've got no problem admitting that when I see Brad Anderson's name attached to a project it immediately catches my attention. So with that being said it should come as no surprise to anyone that I'm stoked to hear he'll be taking over the directing duties on Troika Pictures' serial killer flick THE HIVE from one Joel Schumacher!

The announcement comes via Variety, who asked the director what his thoughts were on joining the project: "I'm extremely excited about working with Troika on 'The Hive." This script has two elements I always look for in a thriller -- strong, believable female characters and a smart, very dark and very creepy story that will definitely resonate with large audiences."

With production tapped to start in Late Spring, the rundown for THE HIVE reads a little something like this:

Set against the backdrop of a 911 emergency center, fast-paced suspense pic follows a 911 operator who must face her own fears in order to save a teenage girl from a serial killer.

And that's about all we've got on this one! Well besides the fact that the gorgeous Halle Berry (below) apparently seemed interested in the project until personal scheduling issues came up. Regardless it seems several top actresses have their eyes on this one. As always as soon as we hear more on THE HIVE we'll be right here to tell you about it.

Extra Tidbit: Brad Anderson's next flick is the paranoid thriller CONCRETE ISLAND.
Source: Variety



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