Brad Dourif has some Last Kind Words for y'all - check out the trailer and stills

LAST KIND WORDS is "a Southern gothic, coming-of-age horror feature" written and directed by Kevin Barker, which should grab your attention for two main reasons. First off, because it looks incredibly atmospheric and creepy. Secondly and perhaps more importantly - it stars the inimitable Brad Dourif, which pretty much automatically puts the flick on my must-see list. Check out the trailer, the official synopsis and some stills below.

17-year old Eli (SPENCER DANIELS) moves with his family to the isolated farm of reclusive Waylon (BRAD DOURIF), a man whose dark past threatens to overtake him. Eli’s family works to restore the farm’s desolate fields, while he becomes fascinated with its eerie forests. Eli also has what seem to be typical teenager problems. He’s torn between two girls -- the mysterious Amanda (ALEXIA FAST) who lives near the farm, and his old friend Katie (SARAH STEELE), his only connection to the outside world. As he explores, Eli discovers secrets lurking in the farm’s mythic woods. He learns that within the forests a different line is drawn between life and death, and he must save someone on the other side of that line. LAST KIND WORDS is a Southern fairy tale, a coming of age horror movie with a strong voice.

LAST KIND WORDS premieres Friday, June 8th in NYC at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

Extra Tidbit: You might have seen the lovely Alexia Fast (above) in the horror-comedy Fido or CW's Supernatural.



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