Brazilian killer biker movie Motorrad to premiere at TIFF

Vicente Amorim Motorrad

Director Vicente Amorim's Brazilian horror/thriller MOTORRAD is a project we first covered almost exactly one year ago, when it was filming in the Serra da Canastra area of the Brazilian state Minas Gerais. Just over 365 days later, MOTORRAD is about to make its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival - the film will be screening in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the festival and will be shown next Monday, September 11th.

It has also been announced that Paris-based WTFilms will be handling the worldwide sales of the film, with WTFilms' Gregory Chambet and Dimitri Stephanides going to TIFF with the movie to meet with potential distributors.

The story of MOTORRAD was inspired by a dream that was had by producer L.G. Tubaldini Jr. and features characters created by Marvel comic book artist Danilo Beyruth. L.G. Bayão wrote the screenplay. The horror kicks in when 

a gang of young dirt-bikers on a ride across an isolated region of Brazil find themselves being hunted by a machete-wielding band of motorcyclists intent on killing them all.

A Brazilian film about machete-wielding bikers sounds like something I need to see immediately, so I'm hoping some major distribution deals are going to be made at TIFF.

MOTORRAD stars Guilherme Prates, Carla Salle, Emilio Dantas, Juliana Lohmann, Pablo Sanábio, Rodrigo Vidigal, and Alex Nader. The stunts were coordinated by Javier Lambert, whose previous credits include the 1989 James Bond film LICENCE TO KILL.

A teaser trailer for MOTORRAD was released online, and there's no need to worry if you don't understand Portuguese, as the trailer doesn't feature any dialogue. It does feature motorcycle chases, stunts, chains, and machetes.

Extra Tidbit: How does MOTORRAD sound to you?



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