Breaking the Girls, with Madeline Zima and Agnes Bruckner, acquired by IFC Films

"STRANGERS ON A TRAIN but with hot chicks" appears to be the pitch for Jamie Babbit's BREAKING THE GIRLS, and hey, who are we to complain? The Hitchcock classic has been replicated so many times already, might as well do it with lesbian undertones, amiright?

The thriller, which we haven't written up since last year, has just been acquired by IFC Films. A limited theatrical release is in the works, although no date has been given. As is the case with most IFC releases, the film will likely hit VOD before it heads to theaters.

Starring lovelies Agnes Bruckner (pictured right) and Madeline Zima (pictured below), BREAKING THE GIRLS is the story of a university student Sara (Bruckner) who, when slandered by a hostile classmate, is befriended by the manipulative Alex (Zima) who proposes the perfect, untraceable crime – to kill each other’s archenemies. When Alex actually goes through with it, Sara finds herself being framed for murder.

The film was written by Mark Distefano and Guinevere Turner (AMERICAN PSYCHO), and also stars Shawn Ashmore, John Stockwell, Kate Levering and Shanna Collins. We'll give you a heads-up once it nabs a release date.

Extra Tidbit: Madeline Zima, now all grown up, was a child actor; you might remember her as the kid in THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE. How about "The Nanny"?!
Source: IFC Films



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