Brent Ryan Green to direct Jaws in the sky film Teratorn


After accruing numerous credits as a producer, including executive producing the hit Christian film GOD'S NOT DEAD and being an associate producer on Martin Scorsese's SILENCE, Brent Ryan Green made his feature directorial debut with the upcoming sci-fi action adventure film THE VEIL, and now he already has another directorial project lined up - one which sounds very promising to me.

Green is attached to direct a creature feature called TERATORN, which is described as being "JAWS in the sky, but grounded in reality". A spec script written by E. Niemi, TERATORN centers on 

a professor with a fear of heights who teams up with his ex-wife and estranged daughter to defeat an apex predator long thought extinct on a mountainous tropical island.

Of course the professor who had to fight a flying monster is going to have a fear of heights, just like Brody didn't like the water in JAWS.

Josh Moses of Universal Writers Management is currently shopping the spec to various companies. A deal is expected to be secured very soon, and then Green can get to work on bringing this JAWSian story to the screen. I look forward to seeing this flying predator in action.

Extra Tidbit: How does TERATORN sound to you?
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