Brian De Palma's Passion picked up for North American release by Entertainment One

Only a handful of days ago, we learned that Brian De Palma's PASSION was on the verge of being acquired for domestic distribution by IFC. Oh, what a difference a few days make.

Entertainment One has swooped in and picked up the North American rights to the erotic thriller. Often referred to as eOne, the Canada-based company has just recently gotten into the distribution game. One of their first releases was David Cronenberg's COSMOPOLIS, which did not fare well here in the states.

An early 2013 release in the U.S. and Canada is planned for PASSION, which stars Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace.

“We’re delighted to add ‘Passion’ to the 2013 domestic slate,” said eOne Films North America president David Reckziegel. “Rachel McAdams’ and Noomi Rapace’s performances are captivating, and De Palma delivers another great thriller that audiences have already embraced at Venice and Toronto.”

The plot: An erotic thriller in the tradition of Dressed To Kill and Basic Instinct, Brian de Palma’s Passion tells the story of a deadly power struggle between two women in the dog-eat-dog world of international business. Christine possesses the natural elegance and casual ease associated with one who has a healthy relationship with money and power. Innocent, lovely and easily exploited, her admiring protégé, Isabelle, is full of cutting-edge ideas that Christine has no qualms about stealing. They’re on the same team, after all… But when Isabelle falls into bed with one of Christine’s lovers, war breaks out.

Extra Tidbit: This one has to be considered a must-see, right?



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