Bride of Re-Animator director Brian Yuzna returns with Amphibious

Well, it’s been a long time coming for AMPHIBIOUS (we’ve last reported on it back in 2009, as a matter of fact), but the latest from Fantastic Factory head honcho Brian Yuzna (BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3) is finally getting a DVD release. Not to mention a new title: AMPHIBIOUS: CREATURE OF THE DEEP. Hrm, that certainly gives it a little extra oomph.

Yuzna traveled to Indonesia to lens AMPHIBIOUS and did so in 3D, no less. That much travelling might seem a little excessive for a film about a giant sea scorpion, especially since all we’ll be getting is a standard DVD of the film. Still, you can’t fault the guy for trying, and at least the film is making it over here, care of Vivendi Entertainment on October 9th. Check out the trailer, synopsis and box art below and let a little sea scorpion into your heart.

Marine biologist Skylar Shane hires an expert charter boat captain, Jack Bowman, to help her find prehistoric life form samples in the north Sumatran Sea. During the expedition they meet a gang of smugglers headquartered on a fishing platform in the middle of the sea with a young orphan boy among them who begs Skylar to take him away. She is determined to help him, not knowing what lurks beneath the dark inky water, waiting to surface.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Yuzna movie? The fan consensus seems to be SOCIETY.



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