British cult classic Blood on Satan's Claw hits Blu-ray in April

Here's one for you admirers of UK-bred terror: Piers Haggard's cult horror thriller BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW (1971), starring Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden, Barry Andrews, will be issued on Blu-ray from British distributors Odeon Entertainment. The preliminary release date set by the distributors is April 22nd.

In a 17th-Century English village, a ploughman discovers the skeletal remains of a demonic creature. Soon after the remains are discovered, they go missing again, which hampers the investigations of the local judge (Patrick Wymark). Meanwhile, strange events are beginning to occur in the village: a young woman inexplicably goes insane and her fiance is later found cutting off his own hand, believing it to have turned into a hideous claw. Then a cult of teenage devil-worshippers emerges, led by beautiful temptress Angel Blake (Linda Hayden), which involves children performing blood sacrifices to bring the skeletal demon back to life...

The special features that have been listed are quite cool. They include:

2012 Interview with Director Piers Haggard
Audio Commentary with Piers Haggard, Linda Hayden and Robert Wynne-Simmons
Audio Commentary with Mark Gatiss, Jeremy Dyson and Reece Sheersmith
Touching the Devil - The Making Of Blood on Satan's Claw
Linda Hayden: An Angel for Satan
Theatrical Trailer
Stills Gallery

No pre-order is available yet, but we'll get it to you once it arrives.

Linda Hayden

Extra Tidbit: Anyone out there a fan of BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW?
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