British thriller Airborne set to touch down in the states this October

I know what you're thinking, but no, it's not THIS AIRBORNE.

On OCTOBER 16th, Image Entertainment will let loose with AIRBORNE, a “Twilight Zone”-infused horror/thriller starring Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill (Star Wars Trilogy,). Directed by Dominic Burns, the film features a strong genre cast including Alan Ford (Snatch), Gemma Atkinson (“Hollyoaks”), and Julian Glover (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, Troy).

When a storm starts closing in, air traffic controller Malcolm (Hamill) sends one last plane into the sky – but after takeoff, the passengers aboard discover the pilots have been brutally murdered. Suddenly the plane disappears from radar, and one by one, the people aboard turn into dangerous, bloody psychopaths. With time running out, the survivors must unlock the deadly mystery in their midst – and find a way to land the plane before their ultimate nightmare is unleashed!

In addition to its DVD unveiling, Image also announced that AIRBORNE will hit Video OnDemand on OCTOBER 14th.

Gemma Atkinson

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