Bruce Campbell talks Army of Darkness 2

Horror fans everywhere got excited once Sam Raimi dropped the news that he and his brother were finally going to write EVIL DEAD 4 this summer. We know how Raimi feels about it but what does Bruce Campbell think? Empire caught up with the actor and it sounds like the film is very much on his radar.

Evil Dead IV, Army Of Darkness 2... however you want to slice it. It’s random ideas in Sam’s head. Let’s not go crazy here. He’s just finished doing Oz, and he’s going to take some time off and he says he’s going to work on it this summer with his brother. He could be smoking cigars at a lakeside cabin for all I know, or he might actually be working, who knows?

For those of you who may not know, there's actually two different endings to ARMY OF DARKNESS — the one most people are familiar with is when Ash returns to his own time and fights off one last Deadite in the S-Mart where he works; and the other is an alternate ending in which Ash wakes up in a post-apocalyptic London. So which of these endings would inspire the next flick?

I would think the post-Apocalyptic because it gives great possibilities for an Omega Man movie, and who he might be fighting against. It would be a very interesting world. But I’m fine either way. I’m sure Sam will concoct some ridiculous story and an outrageous journey, so I don’t really care where it starts and ends. The fun thing is working again with Sam Raimi. That’s the only reason to do these incredibly difficult movies than work for a guy who you really like working with and who you respect.

I really like where Campbell is going with this — the idea OMEGA MAN meets ARMY OF DARKNESS from the mind of Sam Raimi is mouth watering. In the end though, the decision lies in the hands of Sam Raimi who I think will deliver one hell of a film regardless. If it happens that is...

Below is the alternate ending just in case you haven't seen it!


Extra Tidbit: Would you rather the film be more like EVIL DEAD or ARMY OF DARKNESS?
Source: Empire



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