Buddy Giovinazzo invites you to A Night of Nightmares

A NIGHT OF NIGHTMARES is not exactly an ingenious title, but as it comes from COMBAT SHOCK director Buddy Giovinazzo, it is surely worth locking your peepers onto.

Once known as GINGER, A NIGHT OF NIGHTMARES has the following synopsis:

Mark Lighthouse is on his way to interview a subject for his underground music blog. Ginger, his newest singing discovery, is living in an old house up in the mountains, where she's agreed to give him an interview and cook him dinner.

At the house, Ginger is not only talented but an exotic beauty as well. Mark starts his video interview and he and Ginger hit it off right away. They banter good-naturedly, their time together is easy. When Ginger gets a strange call from the eccentric owner of the mountain house, Cliff Tanner, they both laugh over his old-fashioned "down home" simplicity.

Throughout the interview in the house, small things occur. Keys are missing, a door is open that was shut earlier, music plays from a record player. It all seems harmless until Ginger's psychotic ex-high school teacher, Phil, appears with a gun. Just released from prison after nine years for raping Ginger when she was 15 years old, he's tracked her down to be with her, forever.

Twitch got their hands on the poster and some stills, which you can see here. Starring Marc Senter, Elissa Dowling and Jason London (looking mighty weird here), A NIGHT OF NIGHTMARES will be making its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival soon.

Extra Tidbit: Giovinazzo also recently contributed a worthy segment to the horror anthology THE THEATRE BIZARRE.
Source: Twitch



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