Bullet to the Head's UK trailer sports new footage and Motorhead

I find it interesting BULLET TO THE HEAD has gotten so much flack from the interwebs. Sure, it sucks the film didn't cast Tom Jane alongside Sly Stallone in this action bonanza, but I for one refuse to let what could have been spoil my excitement for the film. Based on the new UK trailer (below), it looks like we're in for a pretty fun time.

We got a bit more action, a lot more one-liners, and the great usage of Motorhead's "Killers". Walter Hill's snappy, abbreviated style appears to be back in full force and with Sly Stallone at the center of it all. BULLET TO THE HEAD looks like a great throwback to the Joel Silver's semi-cheesy, un-ironic action yarns of old. (For good reason, to-- the guy is producing it.) It might not have THE LAST STAND'S buzz or THE TOMB'S cast, but I'll be goddamned if it isn't something to be excited about.

BULLET TO THE HEAD, adapted from the graphic novel by Alexis Nolent, stars Stallone, Jason Momoa, Christian Slater, Sung Kang and Sarah Shahi. It's slated for a February 1st, 2013 release date and marks Hill's first theatrical film in over ten years. With this in mind check out the UK trailer below and tell us what you think of it.

Extra Tidbit: I'm excited to see more of Sarah Shahi (above)-- she's quite the looker...
Source: MSN



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