Bunch of Sorority Row!

Thanks to the whole 'Summer Blockbuster' thing our beloved genre tends to save some of it's bigger releases until after the storm so to speak. This means by the end of August we've got a bunch of flicks to look forward to! This week alone owns the release of both HALLOWEEN 2 and THE FINAL DESTINATION, but what about after that? Well one upcoming genre flick that seems to hit pretty hard is SORORITY ROW!

We've been keeping you in the know with every bit of media released for this little diddy... and today's no different! A bunch of new stills from the flick just hit the net as well as a steamy restricted clip! When I say steamy... I'm talking shower steamy! Shower... hot chicks... topless steamy! And to boot there's a death in the clip! With that last bit the clip could be considered a spoiler... and a turn on... so watch with caution! If you still want to check that naughty thing out you can head over to our videos section or just scroll down below.

After you've took the time to enjoy that lengthly clip you can scope out the new batch of action packed stills above and below. We've got hotties, violence and everything in between! So go ahead and check those out and get ready to enjoy the ladies of SORORITY ROW biting it one by one on September 11th!

Extra Tidbit: Have you been sold on SORORITY ROW yet? Did that clip help?
Source: AITH



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