Can you handle Wolf Creek on your iPhone? Return to Wolf Creek app is coming

Via a press release, we received the following news: In anticipation of the release of WOLF CREEK 2 in early 2013, Sharp Agency in collaboration with Emu Pictures is proud to announce that it has secured the license to its upcoming interactive iBook "Return to Wolf Creek."

The iBook will be a trip down memory lane for original fans and an introduction to those too young to see the film when first released in 2005. With the help of writer, director Greg McLean, Sharp Agency have put together a 'never-before-seen' collection of video clips, images and personal documentation of props and trivia that will delight the avid horror fan and general film buff to boot.

This interactive App will be released for iPhone and iPad initially with an Android version to follow.

A special 'ground-breaking' interactive section called 'Mick's Drawer of screams' will give users a chance to be part of the horror film community like never before.

For more info, check out the official Facebook page for "Return to Wolf Creek."

WOLF CREEK star Cassandra Magrath

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to WOLF CREEK 2?
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