Caradog James lines up cannibal chef film Eaten

It was recently announced that Katee Sackhoff will be taking the lead in Caradog James's urban legend horror film DON'T KNOCK TWICE, which is set to start filming this summer. As the production start date nears on that one, James already has his sights set on the movie he wants to follow it up with.

The director, who impressed many viewers with his 2013 sci-fi thriller THE MACHINE, is teaming with producers Charlotte Walls and Mat Wakeham of Catalyst, Sadie Frost and Emma Comley of Blonde to Black Pictures, Will Gould of Tiger Aspect, and Matthew Read to make EATEN, which tells the story of

a notorious celebrity chef who belongs to an exclusive and upscale New York cannibal ring.

Charlotte Walls and screenwriter Rob Green provided some information about the central character:

"Giles Bonham-Hess is a terrific character, charismatic and repulsive in equal measure and the chance to explore the dark tastes of the privileged super-rich in our story world will be a lot of fun to realize."

"Imagine a top celebrity chef with the gourmet talents and bravado of Gordon Ramsay and the tastes of Hannibal Lecter."

Hearing of a charismatic cannibal chef, I can't help but imagine a franchise being built around such a character, depending on how things play out. In fact, the image that most prominently comes to my mind is that of Freddy Krueger in the DREAM CHILD "Bon appétit" dream sequence. Hopefully Giles Bonham-Hess won't be dropping so many puns.

Caradog James and his producers are planning to film EATEN sometime within the next twelve months.

THE MACHINE star Caity Lotz

Extra Tidbit: Will you be getting EATEN?
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