Carlos star Edgar Ramirez joins Richard Kelly's new thriller Corpus Christi

About 55 weeks, yes weeks ago...we told you about Richard Kelly's destination of CORPUS CHRISTI. Props to anyone who remembers that shite, because I don't!

Anyway, after a year of kicking around, the Darko Entertainment thriller has found its male lead. Word from Variety is CARLOS star Edgar Ramirez (above) will play the crucial role of "Patience" in the film, which is being co-produced and financed by Robert Rodriguez's Quick Draw Productions. Ramirez makes sense for the role, as he's not only a terrific actor, he made his English debut in the Kelly scripted DOMINO in 2005.

As for CORPUS CHRISTI, The Texas-set story concerns a mentally unstable Iraq war veteran named Paciencia "Patience" De La Rosa, who forges a strange friendship with his boss Ralph Salverson, the wealthy and politically ambitious owner of a supermarket chain.

Kelly wrote the script as well, which he looks to shoot in Texas this July. Here's what additional producer Eli Roth had to say about the casting of Ramirez:

"Edgar's the perfect choice, and the combination of Edgar and Richard collaborating is electric. Having Robert Rodriguez as a producing partner rounds out an amazing creative team to support Richard in what I feel is his most compelling and exciting script to date."

Sounds worthy of following right? Bet!

Extra Tidbit: Ramirez is currently filming the Katheryn Bigelow Osama flick, alongside Nina Arianda (above).
Source: Variety



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