Cast assembles around Rossif Sutherland as Trench 11 begins filming

Trench 11 Leo Schermer Rossif Sutherland

Announced back in May with Rossif Sutherland attached to star, director Leo Scherman's World War I horror movie TRENCH 11 has officially started filming with Sutherland in the role of Berton, "a surly Allied tunneller."

The First World War will be remembered as one of the worst times in history, but it was also a renaissance for technological development of lethal force weaponry. The machine gun and mustard gas were first introduced into warfare. Trench 11 presupposes that in the final days of WW1 the Germans were developing a biological weapon far more profane and deadly than any other. The Allies send Canadian tunneller (Sutherland) behind enemy lines, into a German underground bunker to find and destroy the weapon.

As the project neared its production start date, a cast was assembled around Sutherland that includes Karine Vanasse (pictured below), Charlie Carrick, Shaun Benson, Ted Atherton, and Robert Stadlober.

In development since 2011, TRENCH 11 is said to be a passion project for Scherman, who also wrote the screenplay with Matthew Booi. The movie is being shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and to help turn the location into 1918 France Scherman has enlisted the aid of production designer Chad Giesbrecht and cinematographer Dylan Macleod.

The special makeup effects are being provided by Francois Dagenais, whose credits include LAND OF THE DEAD, the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, the SAW sequels, and THE WITCH.

I like the sound of this project, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I'm especially intrigued to find out just what this "biological weapon" is.

Karine Vanasse

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