Cast brewing for Italy-set witch horror The Demoniacs

Here's a fun-sounding project: THE DEMONIACS, a ghastly thriller concerning a coven of witches set in Italy, with effects from longtime Dario Argento collaborator Sergio Stivaletti. Yes, you're hooked aren't you?

THE DEMONIACS, from writer/director Brian Feeney, is currently assembling a pretty cool cast: Bai Ling will play a "warrior witch" named Vida, while JOHN DIES AT THE END star Chase Williamson (pictured above) plays John Thompson, and Ellary Porterfield is John’s wife Marnie. Isabella Rossellini, Mark Dacascos, Rupert Everett and Juju Chan have all reportedly been approached for supporting roles.

The story sees the Thompsons embroiled with a coven of witches who are prepping for the Feast of the Lemures and the return of the devil.

Another interesting behind-the-scenes name on the project is Roberto Bessi, who produced such memorable titles as FROM BEYOND, ZONE TROOPERS and CRAWLSPACE. He's obviously still going strong in Italy, so this project is in good, schlocky hands!

Bai Ling  

Extra Tidbit: Does THE DEMONIACS sound like fun to you?
Source: Fangoria



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