Cast & crew of The Walking Dead tease what's in store for season 6

amc the walking dead season 5 andrew lincoln

If you're already feeling that void in your life that was left after the season finale of AMC's "The Walking Dead" and are eagerly awaiting any updates on what you could expect for the upcoming sixth season of the hit show, we've got ya covered with a new video featuring the cast and crew teasing us with a little bit of info (and a lot of secrecy) on what's coming our way when the show returns later this year.

There's a bit of speculation on what direction the show will go in its sixth season, including what issues your favorite characters may be facing in the future. This video shares some insight as well as a few guesses from the team behind cable's most popular series. At least we have "Fear the Walking Dead" coming our way soon to help fill the void until "The Walking Dead" returns in the fall.

Check out the vid below and hit us with your thoughts on what you'd like to see happen in the comments below.

Extra Tidbit: What direction would you like to see the sixth season of "The Walking Dead" go?
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