Cast filling out for Chiller TV's latest adaptation Dead Souls

Last month I told you all how Chiller TV was set to adapt yet another genre novel in DEAD SOULS. Don't worry if you guys missed that, I'm about to remind you all about it.

DEAD SOULS, which will be based on the novel by Michael Laimo, will have Colin Theys behind the camera directing a script by John Doolan. Peep the rundown:

On his 18th birthday, Johnny Petrie learns he was adopted when he inherits a farm in Maine, abandoned for the 18 years since his natural family died at the hands of his father, the local preacher. Eager for a new life, he leaves home to start over in his new dwelling. However, as he digs into his past, he soon uncovers the horrifying details of his father’s questionable teachings. In …a frightening revelation, he also learns that his return has revived decades-old forces trapped in the home and sets in motion a heart-stopping finale to a ritual that already claimed the lives of his family.

Now according to the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting there's already a cast shaping up for this shindig. Kind of. You see none of these names have been signed just yet but apparently Jesse James, Bill Moseley, Magda Apanowicz (below) and Jaiden Kaine are all in talks to topline the direct-to-tv movie. No, not that Jesse James.

Well I'm always down for some Bill Moseley, what says you guys? DEAD SOULS is set to start filming next month in Connecticut so my guess is we'll have some official confirmations on this casting soon.

Extra Tidbit: Colin Theys also directed the Chiller/Synthetic Cinema film REMAINS.



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