Catalina Sandino Moreno & Hugh Dancy take on serial killer flick Spree

Ever see MARIA FULL OF GRACE? Did you not fall in love with Catalina Sandino Moreno?

I certainly did. Which is why I'm extra stoked to share with y'all the news that lovely Ms. Moreno (below) has joined a cool sounding new horror/thriller called SPREE. I can't say I'm as pumped about the inclusion of English actor Hugh Dancy though. Just can't!

Directed by Tommy O'Haver, from a script he co-wrote with Kevin Turen - SPREE centers on a would-be groom turns his bachelor party into a one-man killing spree. And captures it all on his Flip video camera.

Sounds simple yet effective enough. Dancy and Moreno are both capable actors, ones who needn't resort to trashy genre work to fill their resumes. Somehow I think SPREE will be better than you might expect. If they attracted these actors, the script must be pretty solid. At least, let's hope so.

SPREE is currently in pre-production, so stay up for more in the near future.

Extra Tidbit: What's this now. Moreno has an uncredited role in TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE? How dare she...



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