Catch a case of Zombie Fever in poster, trailer & synopsis for new Russian horror

Up for a little ZOMBIE FEVER? Get down with the sickness!

You know it's a slow news weekend when I'm forced to dig into the annals of the interwebs and offer up the most obscure horror joint I can find. The winner? ZOMBIE FEVER, a Russian horror joint from RexMedia. No telling when the flick will hit the screen (big or small), but until we do, get a load of the trailer, poster and synopsis for the low budget ditty below!

Directed by Kirill Kemnits, here's the skinny:

When a meteor crashes ruining a wild beach party infecting everyone with the “Zombie Fever”...the dead start walking the Earth.

A special-forces veteran joins a group of misfits in an apocalyptic fight for liberty, justice and the “Mother of all Zombie Wars”.

Based on almost true events... this epic saga will prove that Love is more powerful than Fear and the game of Killing Zombies is AWESOME!

Haha, "based on almost true events." Sounds like this one has a good sense of humor, and even with limited resources, the trailer looks fun enough to give a look if and whenever it eventually releases.

Starring Julia Volkova (below) and Mikhail Efremov - ZOMBIE FEVER recently wrapped production.

Extra Tidbit: Like what you see?
Source: RexMedia



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