Catriona MacColl set to star in indie-horror flick Fever, Oh My Gore to co-produce

Y'all know who Catriona MacColl is? If not, you're probably as big a fan of Lucio Fulci as my man E-Walk.

Anyway, Mrs. MacColl (seen right), the lovely English scream queen of the 70s and 80s, is set to star in a new indie horror joint called FEVER. Co-produced by online horror shop Oh My Gore, the film is being directed by Romain Basset in his feature debut. Word is MacColl will be surrounded by an all British cast.

While no details for the plot of FEVER were given, it was shed that Romain Basset will be assisted by Adam Kempton, an emblematic figure of the British cinema, who worked not only as a 1st AD for Ridley Scott, Alan Parker, John Boorman or Ken Russell, but also as an associate producer on Roman Polanski's THE NINTH GATE. A pretty good resource to have, ay?

Since this film is still in pre-production, Oh My Gore and company are allowing you to, if so inclined, contribute to the finances of the filmmaking process. If you're in the donating mood, hop on over to KissKissBankBank.com in a few days to make a contribution.

More on FEVER as we catch it...

Extra Tidbit: Your favorite movie starring Catriona MacColl is?
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