Cavegirl slasher B.C. Butcher acquired by Troma

B.C. BUTCHER, the debut feature from filmmaker Kansas Bowling and "the only slasher movie set in prehistoric times", has been picked up for distribution by legendary indie genre company Troma.

Shot on 16mm film when the director was just seventeen years old, B.C. BUTCHER was scripted by Bowling and Kenzie Givens and tells the following story:

After a group of contempuous cavewomen torture and kill one of their own over a romantic betrayal, a disfigured loner, known only as The Butcher (Dwayne Johnson (not The Rock)), discovers and falls deeply in love with the mutilated corpse. He proceeds on a bloody path of revenge, picking off the sexy murderers one by one.

The non-Rock Johnson is joined in the cast by Leilani Fideler, Parker Love Bowling, Natasha Halevi, Devyn Leah, Molly Elizabeth Ring, Miranda Robin, and Kato Kaelin (if you want to feel old, just realize that the director wasn't even born when Kaelin took the stand during the O.J. Simpson trial), with Kadeem Hardison as the narrator and cameos by Duck-Duck and Rodney Bingenheimer.

Rock/pop/punk band The Ugly Kids provided the soundtrack for the film, which is described as a cross between THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, QUEST FOR FIRE, and ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL.

The fact that a teenager was able to make a movie on 16mm, assemble some familiar names for her cast, and land distribution is very impressive. That back story alone would be enough to get me to check out the movie, regardless of what it was about, but it helps that B.C. BUTCHER sounds like it will be fun to watch.

Troma is planning to release it sometime in early 2016.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching B.C. BUTCHER?
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