CBS announces premiere dates for BrainDead, American Gothic

CBS has finally gotten its summer season in order, announcing the premiere dates for its next slate of shows. At the forefront of the network's new programming are the genre series BrainDead and American Gothic, which we have been covering on AITH for quite some time.

In BrainDead we follow:

Laurel, a young, fresh-faced Hill staffer who gets her first job in Washington, D.C., and discovers two things: the government has stopped working, and alien spawn have come to Earth and eaten the brains of a growing number of congressmen and Hill staffers.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (pictured below) takes the lead as Laurel, with Danny Pino as her Democratic whip senator brother Luke; Nikki James as medical resident Rochelle; Aaron Tveit as Gareth, the Legislative Director to a Republican senator; and Johnny Ray Gill as eccentic genius Gustav.

Tony Shalhoub will be playing Red Wheatus, "a hard-drinking, fun-loving Republican senator who has spent decades in Washington making deals, until a radical transformation turns him into a health-conscious extremist who would rather destroy the government than compromise."

BrainDead will premiere on Monday, June 13th at 10 PM.

American Gothic, the newest murder mystery series from Amblin Television:

centers on the Hawthornes, a prominent Boston family that is attempting to redefine itself in the wake of a chilling discovery that links their recently deceased patriarch to a string of murders spanning decades, amid the mounting suspicion that one of them may have been his accomplice.

Justin Chatwin will play "Cam Hawthorne, a sensitive, introspective artist and recovering drug addict who begins to realize that his 8-year-old son has a serious, terrifying problem – and ultimately seeks comfort in the arms of his manipulative but magnetic ex-wife, a fellow addict."

Opposite him, Megan Ketch will portray "the youngest of the Hawthorne siblings, Tessa, a bright, nurturing public school teacher who soon finds herself deeply conflicted about how to handle a chilling discovery linked to her family."

American Gothic will premire on Wednesday, June 22nd at 10PM.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE
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