CBS Films picks up sci-fi script Omega Point from newcomer Cameron Alexander

Everyone loves a Hollywood success story and it seems that burgeoning writer and director Cameron Alexander is well on his way to becoming one as The Hollywood Reporter has shared the news that Alexander's sci-fi spec script OMEGA POINT has just been optioned by CBS Films with Hollywood heavyweight Sidney Sherman set to produce.

OMEGA POINT is the first sale for the 25-year-old Alexander, a budding music video director whose most notable work was on the video for "Cry Wolf" from songstress Kristinia DeBarge, the daughter of '80s pop singer James DeBarge. Alexander eventually wants to direct what he writes, but for now, he knows that writing is the way to make the inroads and a sale to CBS Films is certainly a huge way to kick the door down in the industry.

The story centers on...

a young man who comes across a mysterious crash site in the woods where he discovers a god-like artificial intelligence agent desperate to escape earth.

Execs Mark Ross and Alex Ginno are overseeing the project for CBS Films.

Sci-fi is hot right now so here's hoping that OMEGA POINT has some darker elements that will appeal to a wider genre base.

Extra Tidbit: Does OMEGA POINT sound like something that has potential?



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