Celebrate "Women of Horror Month" by watching The Perfect House & donating to breast cancer awareness

Since I sleazily penned a Ten Spot this week on a new generational wave of boobies, I do feel it's my duty to follow up with this here story...

As a way to celebrate "Recognition of Women in Horror Month", Gratwick Films and Milyoni have partnered with Facebook in a really wonderful cause to raise breast cancer awareness. You remember that movie THE PERFECT HOUSE right? You know, the very first movie to premiere on Facebook? Yeah that one. Well, Facebook's rental price for the film is being reduced from $5 to $1.30 (for one day)...with 30 cents of each rental going to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Gratwick Films’ technology partner Milyoni, the leader in social entertainment, will also match the 30 cent donation for every view, up to $1,000.

All really cool shite here folks, so if you have yet to see THE PERFECT HOUSE, do so for a worthy cause (at a buck thirty no less). We all know, have known, or will know someone inflicted with breast cancer (hell, my step-mom is a survivor) at some point...I can't stress what a noble gesture making a donation would be.

For a lot more literature on the matter, hop on over HERE. When you're all through, check out THE PERFECT HOUSE over at Facebook to make a donation.

Andrea Vahl, star of THE PERFECT HOUSE

Extra Tidbit: PERFECT HOUSE 2: DINNER'S READY is already in production.
Source: PRWebFacebook



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