Charles Bronson vs slasher flick 10 to Midnight Blu-ray announced

I'm not going to lie to you guys here today and tell you that I've seen The 1983 Charles Bronson wild and sleazy “slasher-film-in-disguise” cult favorite 10 TO MIDNIGHT (pre-order HERE). I haven't. But after reading up on the film this morning, I'm going to be checking it out ASAP!

Not only did I just peep the faux-Charles Bronson flick DEATH KISS this weekend (review coming soon) but this movie is helmed by J. Lee Thompson, the director of not only the original CAPE FEAR, but one of my favorite underrated 80's slasher flicks HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. I'm sold.

Even with this simple-ass synopsis:

An outraged police detective (Charles Bronson) and his rookie partner (Andrew Stevens) skirt the law to catch a killer of women.

And if you're as enthusiastic about this potentially badass Bronson vs slasher flick as I am, then you'll be happy as hell to hear that the thriller is stalking its way to Blu-ray via Scream Factory as a Collector’s Edition this January!

The release will come with a slipcover guaranteed for three months after its original release date, featuring newly-commissioned conceptual artwork which plays up the slasher film theme from artist Joel Robinson (see below). This art will be front-facing on the slipcover and wrap. The reverse side of the wrap will showcase the original theatrical poster art design (featuring The Bronson). 

Scream Factory is in the progress of doing an all-new High-Definition film transfer of the film, and extras are in progress and will be announced on a later date. Until we have more info on said special features, you can check out the killer new cover art below and then head on over to Scream Factory's official site and pre-order your copy HERE.

The film co-stars Gene Davis (CRUISING), Andrew Stevens (THE FURY), Wilford Brimley (THE THING), Lisa Eilbacher (BEVERLY HILLS COP) and Geoffrey Lewis (NIGHT OF THE COMET). It will be stalking and slashing its way onto Collector's Edition Blu-ray via Scream Factory January 22nd!

Source: Scream Factory



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