Check out a bruised Ray Winstone on the set of Darren Aronofsky's Noah

We've received precious little in the way of inside info on Darren Aronofsky's NOAH; a few weeks back we received a tantalizing shot from inside the ark, and we've seen what Russell Crowe looks like as the title character, but otherwise, things have been kept under wraps. But today sheds a little more light on this seriously ambitious project.

Here you can see Ray Winstone, portraying the film's antagonist, appearing the worse for wear on the set of NOAH, although obviously the actor is in good spirits. We're still unsure of who Winstone is playing exactly, but it's understood that he's a "nemesis" for Crowe's animal-saving warrior.

Here's the wild synopsis for Aronofsky's film, which takes a decidedly unusual approach in telling Noah's tale:

His name is Noah. Far from the stereotype of the patriarch that one appends the character of the Bible, he looked like a warrior. He looks like a Mad Max out of the depths of time. In the world of Noah, pity has no place. He lives with his wife and three children in a land barren and hostile, in the grip of severe drought. A world marked by violence and barbarism, delivered to the savagery of the clans that draw their reason to survive from war and cruelty.

But Noah is like no other. This is a fighter and also a healer. He is subject to visions which announce the imminent end of the earth, swallowed by the waves of an endless deluge. Noah must notify his followers. If man is to survive, he must end the suffering inflicted on the planet and "treat the world with mercy". However, no one is listening.

The tyrant Akkad, who Noah went to visit in the city of Bal-llim, chased him and sentenced him to flee. After consulting with his grandfather Methuselah, Noah decided to rally to his cause the terrible Giants and accomplish the task entrusted to him by the Creator...

NOAH comes out in 2014.

Extra Tidbit: This is probably what Ray looks like after a Saturday night pub crawl...
Source: The Daily Mail



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