Check out any of the two dozen "end of year" top 10 lists from the JoBlo Movie Network right here!

We've been running a handful of "top 10 lists" at the end of each year since we launched this site back in 1998, but with so many employees on staff nowadays, the lack of "real movie news" over the last two weeks of each year and the "fun things" we decided to count down this year, 2012 was the biggest year for us in terms of "end of year lists". Some of them were more successful than others, but we hope that during these "slow news" days, you can all take some time to check into some of the lists that interest you the most, while posting comments wherever you feel like (remember that you can now comment via our "mobile" site as well).

The lists were spread out over the 3 top sections of the JoBlo Movie Networking including JoBlo, Arrow in the Head and everyone's favorite, MovieHotties! And stay tuned for some "What to look forward to in 2013" lists in the coming weeks as well. Happy New Year everyone!

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