Check out Ash's home from Ash vs. Evil Dead

It's been a couple decades since we last saw Bruce Campbell in action as EVIL DEAD franchise hero Ash Williams (not since 1992's ARMY OF DARKNESS, to be exact), and apparently when we catch up with the character again in the upcoming Starz TV series ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, he'll be living in a shoddy camper trailer strewn with alcohol. Art imitates life, because these are the exact conditions Campbell himself lives in (at least, that's how he presented his home life in his 2007 directorial effort MY NAME IS BRUCE.)

Ash's home has been recreated on the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con, and for those us unable to take a tour of the camper ourselves, the JoBlo YouTube Channel has uploaded a video tour of the place, where decorations include a chainsaw and boomstick.

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD will debut on Starz this fall, with the first season set to run for ten half-hour episodes. Campbell is joined in the cast by Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Mimi Rogers, and Jill Marie Jones.

Extra Tidbit: Do you dig Ash's digs?



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