Check out Clive Barker's new Pinhead design

We had already heard the news that HELLRAISER creator himself Clive Barker would be co-designing an all new pinhead look with the "Hell Priest" mask for Composite Effects, but this is an awesome surprise.

Evidently, Clive Barker teamed with makeup artist Chris Alex and Stephen Imoff Jr to create a whole new Pinhead makeup.

The new Pinhead design debuted this past weekend at Monsterpalooza and Barker dropped the pics you see below on his Facebook page last night.

Even cooler still is there's word going around that Clive has directed a photo shoot with the new Pinhead design, which, hopefully, we will be seeing very soon.

I'll keep both eyes out for the Clive Barker directed photo shoot and let you know as soon as it hits. Until then scroll through the pics below and see not only the new design in all its glory but the application process as well.

The newest installment in the HELLRAISER series HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT (which unfortunately Clive Barker had nothing to do with) is set to hit us, hopefully, sometime in 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think anyone will ever be able to replace Doug Bradley as Pinhead?
Source: Facebook



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