Scream Factory updates: new cover art, titles, and fan polling!

I don't like having to rely on exclamation points to communicate my excitement (break dancing is my preferred mode of communication) but Scream Factory's latest batch of updates certainly justify somes "!!!" nonsense.

First, the company has confirmed their later-in-the-year 2013 releases will be:

Cannon films X-RAY (1981 - aka: HOSPITAL MASSACRE with Barbi Benton), SCHIZOID (1980 - starring Klaus Kinski) and THE GODSEND (1980 - starring Donald Pleasence's daughter, Angela) are on tap for a release late in 2013! 

The company is moving into some pretty obscure territory with these titles when compared to stuff like the HALLOWEEN films. Part of the reason for that is none of the films have ever gotten a DVD release, meaning Scream Factory is premiering them on disc for the very first time. Unfortunately, they have yet to determine whether or not they'll make the Blu -ray cut (the company has yet to see the masters) so stay tuned for that announcement.

Next, we have cover art for PRISON, the TERRORVISION/VIDEO DEAD combo, and the reverse side of DEADLY BLESSING'S sleeve, which preserves the film's classic poster art (just as the HALLOWEEN II and III Blu-rays did).

Finally, the company is running a poll on to determine the cover for their upcoming re-release of FROM BEYOND. It's a toss up between the traditional poster cover and Charles Band's trippy pre-sales art that made it onto the MGM DVD (and was later re-used as TRANCERS IV and V artwork). To state your preference, hit up the company Facebook. While you're at it, talk back below with your own ideas for Scream Factory re-releases.

Extra Tidbit: Honestly, I would be okay with Scream Factory just using the picture of Barbara Crampton posted above for their FROM BEYOND re-release.
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