Check out six new stills from the crazy Japanese horror-comedy Dead Sushi

Noboru Iguchi's latest bizarrely funny and violent flick DEAD SUSHI will have have its world premiere soon and we've got six new stills to remind you of the wackiness awaiting you at this year's Fantasia International Film Festival. Better yet, the good folks behind the flick were kind enough to supply us with captions for each of the images. Check'em out below.

Keiko, daughter of a famous sushi chef, leaves home to escape his overbearing training in both sushi-making and martial arts. Finding work at a rural inn, she is bullied by the staff and ridiculed by the guests, including the president of Komatsu Pharmaceuticals, who has come to the inn for a vacation with his associates. Little do they know, however, that disgruntled Komatsu researcher Yamada has followed them there with designs on revenge, using a serum he developed that can awaken the murderous instincts of fish on rice, creating…killer sushi! Bloodthirsty tuna and squid soon descend upon the humans, killing many and turning the remainder into zombie-like creatures. Keiko, joined by the inn’s former sushi chef Sawada, uses her fighting skills against the creatures in an attempt to escape with a handful of uninfected survivors. But Yamada has another deadly surprise for them…can Keiko and Sawada defeat both him and his flying killers?

DEAD SUSHI stars Rina Takeda, Shigeru Matsuzaki, Kentaro Shimazu, Takashi Nishina, Asami and Kanji Tsuda. The movie will premiere at Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival on July 22nd, with director Iguchi and star Rina Takeda in attendance.

"Corned and in danger, Marin, Kentaro Kishi, Rina Takeda, Shigeru Matsuzaki, Asami and Takashi Nishina are prepared to defend themselves against flying killers in Noboru Iguchi's DEAD SUSHI!"

"Kentaro Kishi is not happy to see that friend Demo Tanaka has become a sushi rice zombie in Noboru Iguchi's DEAD SUSHI!"

"Marin is bloodied and on the run from flying killers in Noboru Iguchi's DEAD SUSHI!"

"Rural inn proprietors Asami and Takashi Nishina become deadly sushi rice zombies in Noboru Iguchi's DEAD SUSHI!"

"Rina Takeda as Keiko is ready for a takedown in Noboru Iguchi's new action-packed horror film DEAD SUSHI!"

"DEAD SUSHI director Noboru Iguchi congratulates lead actress Rina Takeda at the end of the shoot."

Extra Tidbit: You might have seen Kanji Tsuda in such movies as Takashi Miike's AUDITION or JU-ON (the original Japanese version of THE GRUDGE).



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