Check out some caricatures from ... uhh The Expendables 2?

This is perhaps the oddest thing to show up relating to THE EXPENDABLES 2, you know aside from the film being a PG-13 affair.

Some kind of promo art of caricatures of a few of the characters showed up on the Official Films Facebook Page. This does not look or feel Expendables related what so ever, it looks like it is from something else … not sure what the aim is but I am not sure it is working. The art reminds me of what my talented friend Stewart McKenny has done for DC Super Friends, aimed at kids, like this feels.

I don’t mind the Scott Adkins one, the man is that ripped and it looks kind of like him. It isn’t trying too hard to be a PG-13 badass, like the other two. Also why is Statham's head so tiny? Take a look below and spit some bullets below and share your thoughts.

Extra Tidbit: What's next? A McDonald's toyline for Ex2?
Source: Ex2 Facebook



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