Check out the arty poster for Drafthouse Films' Ms. 45 re-issue

As we told you in October, Drafthouse Films is re-issuing Abel Ferrara's brutal grindhouse classic MS. 45 in theaters this December; they'll then ship it off to Blu-ray in March. This is good news for fans of arthouse sleaze.

The company has just slapped up the new poster for the revenge thriller, which you can see below. Looks like the cover of a Criterion release, doesn't it? Very nice.

You can peep the full list of theaters MS. 45 will arrive in on December 13th, click right HERE.

The synopsis:

A young, voluptuous New York City woman is intensely shy and unable to speak. Her naive beauty provokes the aggressive attention of all men. One evening while walking home, she is assaulted at gunpoint and brutally raped by two thugs. Her enormous fears, which had driven her inward before, now push her to an outward course of action. After killing one of her assailants, she cuts his body into pieces and disposes of the parts, one by one, at various spots in Manhattan. She carries her dead assailant's .45 automatic, initially for protection, but ultimately for unrelenting revenge against all males.



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