Check out the scary-sexy poster and synopsis for the Singapore thriller Hotel de Sade

This news is throwing me for a bit of a loop. HOTEL DE SADE is a Singapore-set psychosexual revenge thriller sporting a poster that appears to have been designed by Kevin Spacey's character from SE7EN. That's a mind blowing proposition if there ever was one, so I'll let the press release's synopsis of the film do the talking for me.

The film centers around a man named Zhang Li, who is dismantled after believing that he killed his daughter instead of saving her from kidnappers. He finds himself lured to China seeking solace in pain and blood at Paradise Hotel, where every carnal and beastly desire is satiated. With a savage boss, the terrifying Burnt Man at the helm of the underground brothel, no perversion is turned away. With a sudden revelation while at the brothel, Zhang Li must confront his worst fear to bring order back to his life.

That's pretty crazy, but I like the IMDB logline a bit more: A psychopath pimp takes revenge on a man by luring him into a depraved brothel, where a sexual paradise hides his worst nightmare.

See kids? Sometimes it's what isn't said that sets your imagination on fire. HOTEL DE SADE is helmed by Omar Dhas from a script by Goh Ming Siu. The film will get a release sometime in early 2013 and, based on the poster below, should prove to be a thoroughly f--ked up affair. Keep an eye out for it and while you're at it, check back with us for further details on HOTEL DE SADE.

Extra Tidbit: I now have the Tom Waits song "Singapore" stuck in my head. That's just how my brain works.



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