Check out some slick pages from the Demons 3 comic book!

Earlier today, we shared the details on the impending DEMONS Blu-ray release. Now you can take a peek at the comic book sequel, written by Stefan Hutchinson and Barry Keating, with artwork by Jeff Zornow and Peter Fielding. DEMONS 3 will come as a 2-book comic, housed in the Blu-ray & DVD editions of DEMONS and DEMONS 2. Have a look at the covers and panels below.

Here's the official synopsis for the comic book:

It is the 16th Century, the time of the plague in Southern France. Amid the carnage, a new evil is starting to take form and only Nostradamus can see it. Are his horrifying visions of the future signs of what will come to pass? Can he stop the demons from taking over the world?

I have to say, as a Blu-ray/DVD extra, this is some impressive stuff and a great way to appease fans.

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to see DEMONS 3 in actual movie form?



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