Check out the trailer for Mickey Keating's Psychopaths

It's been a while since we brought you guys any news on writer-director Mickey Keating's upcoming serial killer battle royale PSYCHOPATHS. The last thing we shared, in fact, was the bright neon poster (which you can check out below).

But today we have something really special as the first trailer for the film has just dropped.

I'm really looking forward to this film, personally. And if you have been on the fence about the flick, I'm sure this new trailer will change your mind. It looks to be mucho good (and bloody) times to me!

You can check out the trailer and the super-cool, super-neon poster below and then let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media!


The paths of multiple serial killers cross over one single, blood soaked night. Which psychopath will survive through to morning? Follow the soul of a recently executed serial killer as he descends back to earth and possesses his many followers beneath the full moon. There’s Alice, an escaped mental patient who thinks she’s living in the 1950s glamour world, Blondie, a beautiful seductress who lures men down into her suburban basement, the Midnight Strangler, first seen claiming a victim in a seedy hotel, and an enigmatic masked contract killer who stalks the city with his own deadly agenda.

PSYCHOPATHS is written & directed by Mickey Keating and stars Angela Trimbur, Ashley Bell, Mark Kassen, Ivana Shein, James Landry Hébert, Jeremy Gardner, Graham Skipper, Helen Rogers, Matt Mercer, Larry Fessenden, and Sam Zimmerman.

PSYCHOPATHS hits theaters Dec. 1st and VOD Jan. 2, 2018.


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