Check out the visually stunning trailer & poster for The Axiom

One of the films I'm looking forward to checking out as soon as possible is writer-director Nicholas Woods' THE AXIOM starring William Kircher (THE HOBBIT), Hattie Smith, Zac Titus, and Nicole Dambro. I know a few trusted colleagues who have seen the film and their reviews have been nothing short of stellar.

And if you're as interested in checking out the film as I am, then you'll be glad to hear that genre sales specialists Devilworks is repping world rights on the supernatural thriller. On top of that, they have also just revealed the new trailer and poster for the film, which was launched at the recent Cannes Film Festival. 

As you can tell by the poster and (especially) the trailer below, this film is visually stunning in a way 99% of indie horror films aren't. From the steely blue color tone to that freaky-ass creature-thing that looks like Voldemort had a kid with a backwoods creeper. I really think this film will be something special - and one hell of a mindfuck - so make sure to check out the promo materials below and keep an eye out for this flick.

The film is written and directed by Nicholas Woods and tells the tale of 

A young woman who, at the risk of her friend’s safety,  travels into a National forest, in search for her missing sister. Once in the wilderness, they discover they have entered a multi-dimensional world full of monsters. 

There isn't currently a release date or a release plan in place for the film, but considering how much I've just talked it up, I will make sure to keep you guys up to date on any news I hear regarding the film. Until then, check out the poster, trailer, and a bunch of new stills below.


Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the trailer and poster?
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