Check out these exclusive images from the Art of Krampus book!

It's been a bit of a KRAMPUS-heavy day, but can you blame us? A bona fide Christmas horror movie only hits theaters once in a blue moon, and they're frequently some of the most fun of the genre. Plus, KRAMPUS actually explores the real, dark mythology surrounding the holiday. You can't exactly say that about SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT.

And if we didn't share our exclusive images from the upcoming book THE ART OF KRAMPUS, who could? Get a super secret first look at some of the lush, gorgeous concept art that went into creating this dark fairy tale below!

THE ART OF KRAMPUS takes a look at how this ancient myth inspired the filmmaker and Legendary to create a movie that captures the dark side of the holidays. Fascinating concept art and unit photography showcases the most thrilling, suspenseful, and dramatic moments of the movie alongside insightful commentary from the cast and crew.

KRAMPUS, directed by MIchael Dougherty and starring Emjay Anthony, Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner, and Allison Tolman, is in theaters today! You can pick up a copy of THE ART OF KRAMPUS starting December 7th right here.

Pg. 30: Concept art shows how the Engel family is completely snowed in and shut out from the rest of the world as Krampus arrives.​
Pg. 76: In this concept painting, the gingerbread monsters take over the Engels' kitchen, wielding knives as weapons.  
Extra Tidbit: Have you had the opportunity to see KRAMPUS yet?



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