Check out this creepy lost test footage from William Friedkin's horror masterpiece The Exorcist

News has somewhat crawled to a halt on this Friday evening, which gives us a perfect opportunity to share a cool little video via our friends over at Blood-D.

Dubbed “Warner Bros color timed anamorphic test – The Exorcist" - below you'll find the first of four never before seen FX test reels for William Friedkin's horror masterpiece THE EXORCIST. Pure dopeness, give it a peek ASAP!

The following footage was shot on 35mm. This print was a 16mm reduction of the 35mm footage, probably intended to view tests at home or in the office.

This footage, to the best of his knowledge, is totally unreleased anywhere and is the ONLY footage ever seen of the Exorcist set shot in scope.

Another interesting thing you see in this footage is the ENTIRE ROOM is on some sort of device which makes it shake back and forth violently. Neither of us remember a scene in the finished movie where the entire room swivels around as if it is unhinged from the rest of the house…

No use keeping you waiting. Enjoy friends!

Extra Tidbit: How creepy on a scale of 1-10?



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